Consumers expect some form of entertainment from all media. How varied are their expectations from each?

Ad rates: More or less?

How much do ad rates in any media vary from state to state? Are the disparities wide? And are the rates fair? A panel of media buyers and sellers delves into history – and the future to find if equilibrium is being reached.

OTTs: National or Regional?

Is there merit in launching an app in a specific language? Or will a single all-language app suffice?

Power of Languages

One of India's best-known ad men talks about his experience of the power of the local idiom.

The continuing promise of print

Regional print brands continue to grow. What makes them resilient?

How India Shops

Few things tell us more interestingly the story of India’s regional diversity than the way Indians shop. A top executive with a large retail chain reveals the picture of regional preferences and what that says about local cultures.

Regional Drama

Indian TV continues to grow strongly, driven almost entirely by regional GEC channels. Where is the growth coming from? Can it be hastened?

Content discovery

The sheer volume of content available keeps ballooning. How can tech and design help the consumers find what they want?

The business of TV news

How different are the promise and challenge of the news business in different regions?

The future of voice

An expert talks about the role voice will play as even more Indians come online.

Ecosystem Challenges

Twenty years after the internet's coming, have all the major tech issues of language publishers been sorted?

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